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Monday, March 17, 2008

Sugarloaf Weekend

Like I mentioned in my last post, skiing was a lot of fun this weekend. On Thursday night we didn't end up getting to Sugarloaf until about 2 am. I rode up with Brad and Jenny, since Nick wasn't supposed to fly in from Zurich until Friday evening. Nick ended up flying home early and was able to drive up in time to join us for skiing on Friday, so that was a nice surprise! Friday night we went to dinner at the Rack (which is thankfully unaffiliated with the former Boston establishment) and decided to call it an evening after dinner.
Surprisingly Jenny & Brad decided not to take advantage of the $3 PBR in a can at the Rack
On Saturday we had another great day of skiing, and a near death experience! Well, not really, but I was in a crash for the first time in my 20 years of skiing experience. I was coming down a trail and stopped where the rest of my group was waiting for me. There were a bunch of other people there too, as it's not uncommon for skiers to congregate at the top of a new trail before going down. Anyway, as I was coming into my "hockey stop" a snowboarder was passing through on a side trail. The "rules" of skiing are that the traffic above you has the right of way and it's up to those coming across the trails to yield to the skiers coming down the trails. Well, a snowboarder wasn't paying any attention to the traffic above him, and just as I came into my stop, he collided snowboard first into my skis at a pretty fast pace. The impact released my boots from my bindings (which was a blessing) and I flew into the air and landed face first on his stomach (he was already laying on the ground after the collision.) The crowd watching us was silent and when I realized I was OK it was kind of funny to look up and see about 10-15 shocked faces staring at us. Nick said, "Are you OK, hon?!" and the guy who plowed me over said, "Yeah, I'm fine." (haha) Nick said, "I'm not talking to you!" to which an older dude who was watching also added, "Yeah, he's not f-ing talking to you!" It's nice to know that my husband and a random elderly guy had my back. I'm so lucky that I wasn't injured- especially since the marathon is so close! I decided that after this weekend I think the ski season is over until Marathon Monday. I just don't want to take any more chances...

Saturday night we went to dinner at Gepetto's, which is right in the base lodge area and then we headed to the Widowmaker Lounge to see 80's cover band, Fast Times, which was totally rad.

Sunday's skiing and ride home was topped off with a dinner at Kowloon, which was unsurprisingly packed. If you live in the Boston area, I recommend eating here just for the ambiance- and the fact you can order flaming appetizers.

No meal is complete at Kowloon without mai-tai's

Today & tomorrow are rest days!

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swift said...

Kowloon again comes through with some tasty, scary-dream-enducing cuisine.