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Monday, March 10, 2008

"I'm not superstitious, just a little stitious."

After UConn's hideous loss to Providence last Thursday, and with the tourneys coming up, I decided to take preventative measure and move my Jim Calhoun bobble head from his usual place on my office shelf to a more prominent position next to my computer. Well, UConn won last night by 45... Jim will stay here until further notice.
Jim caught in a rare moment where he's smiling


swift said...

Maybe for the tournament you could move that bobblehead to the trash can?

Alicia said...

The trash can, eh? Well, at least Skinner and his Eagles would have some company.

Nick P. said...

Oh snap! Alicia, the least you could do is show a little school spirit. From reading this blog, no one would ever know you went to BC.

By the way, I asked the Swiss and they implicitly stand against UConn and recommend that Jim's head be unbobbled. Perhaps I can get you a nice Swiss guard bobblehead as a replacement?