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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Try it, you'll like it

Every time I go to Shaw's I see this sign. It really gets me because it's obviously such a blatant lie. Did you really try the avocados today? I've never even seen this guy working there. Also, the guy was clearly embarrassed to admit the fact that each day he samples the produce because he left off off his signature. I was going to get a photo of the sign with the smiling deli manager reassuring us that we'll love his meat, but that would have been tough to explain to the woman behind the counter.


2 LMZ FARMS said...

Hope this finds you doing great. We actually had snow this weekend. Can you believe that?!! Here in the South on top of that!!! I talked to Drew the other night. He is going on tour with American Idol. Can't remember what he called the tour tho. Take care and hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Nick P. said...

Does that guy even say what he tried at the supermarket? The sign looks generic. What a load of crap.

swift said...

Who puts quotes around their own quotes???