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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I don't mean to be rude...
First I'd like to thank the Cianciulli family for their generous donation! I've decided to raise my goal from $3,000 to $4,000 since my total is already $2,670! Please remember that the fundraiser is next Thursday, March 21 at McFadden's from 6-10 pm. You can purchase tickets at the bar- I hope to see you there!
Well, the past 2 days (Monday & Tuesday) I haven't made it to the gym... I have had things to do after work that I've been putting off, but that's no excuse for not going in the morning. Tonight after work I'm getting a haircut and then heading to the gym!
Anyway, last night I officially became a member of the 21st century and downloaded songs from iTunes. I wanted to make a CD for when we go skiing this weekend (to avoid being subjected to any more Coldplay,) and most of the songs I wanted weren't available on the ghetto site that I sometimes use- although songs are only about 10 cents, there's not a lot of selection for anything recorded prior to 1985 or so. I was able to get all my songs and my David Bowie and George Harrison fix- not to mention Eric Carmen!
When I sat down to watch American Idol later last night, I was so happy to see it was a Beatles theme. Chikezie tore it up with "She's a Woman." He's really growing on me. I also really enjoyed Carly Smithson's "Come Together." "We Can Work it Out" and "In My Life" are 2 of my favorite Beatles' songs; however, those performances last night were pretty bad. Not as bad as Kristy Lee Cook's country version of "8 Days a Week." Simon put it best when he said she sounded like "Dolly Parton on helium."


swift said...

In my defense, Nick likes the Coldplay. Not to be outdone, I have a two-disk mix anthology for your enjoyment this time. Disk one premiered earlier this month on the way to Sugarloaf, and it was a big hit. And no Coldplay...I promise.

Nick P. said...

What's wrong with Coldplay? They're better than George Harrison and the Beatles.

Alicia said...

I am so distressed by that last comment on a number of levels. George Harrison is turning in his grave.

swift said...

...because you listen to Coldplay