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Monday, March 3, 2008

Skiing Recap

Despite the weather, we had a great weekend. The snow started late Friday night and continued until Sunday morning, which resulted in about 16 inches of fresh powder! I am a New England skier through and through and love groomed packed powder. Fresh powder is difficult for me to ski in and I lose a lot of confidence as my skis sort of stop and go and get lost in the powder. So on Saturday while Nick was kicking butt and taking names in the fresh powder, I was like the Pokey Little Puppy. Unfortunately Saturday's storm produced some high winds, and while the snow yesterday was absolutely **perfect** 90% of the lifts were closed and we ended up getting a voucher for the day (again.) It seems like that's a theme at Sunday River this season! We drove to Portland, ME and had lunch at a cute brewery called Gritty McDuff's. I had the Original Pub Style ale and Nick had the Best Brown, both of which were excellent. For lunch I had the mushroom bomb, which is essentially a steak bomb without the meat. It was OK, but I realized that it was missing something... the meat. The sauteed mushrooms made the bread too soggy. We also stopped at the Kittery, ME outlets and found some good deals at J. Crew. On Friday I ran 7 miles at 7 mph to continue my stamina phase training. Yesterday was a rest day and according to my book, today is one too. I brought my stuff to go for a run though, so maybe I'll do some cross-training.
Also, I spotted this vanity plate at a gas station near Poland, ME and thought it was too funny not to share with you. I can't think of a caption to do this photo justice, so I'll take reader suggestions.


swift said...

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the driver?

Alicia said...

Unfortunately, I didn't. It should also be noted that there was an air freshener shaped like a lightening bolt hanging on the rear view mirror. Just because you're Nawty doesn't mean you can't be fresh too.

Nick P. said...

That car belonged to one of the gas station attendants. One was a hairly old man and other was a hairy old woman. Help with the caption any?