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Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness!

I used to take the opening-round Friday off from work to watch 12 hours of basketball, but fortunately this year it falls on Good Friday and it's a holiday. In a perfect world, UConn would win; however, based on their inconsistent performance this year, I have them losing to Drake in the 2nd round. I went out on a limb with Baylor and had them winning the first 2 games and then falling to WVU in the 16's. (Which means that I have the Dukies losing to West Virginia in the 2nd round, which again, hopefully is the case.) My final four picks are: UNC, Georgetown, Memphis and UCLA, with UNC beating Memphis in the Finals. When John Calipari was at UMass, UConn and UMass were definitely rivals and there were a lot of hypothetical conversations as to whether or not Ray Allen was a better player than Marcus Camby. The 2 teams never played though, and by the time the "Battle for the Border" game came around, both men had left their schools for the NBA and it wasn't as interesting... Now that Calipari's had continued success at Memphis, I have a soft spot for him as he played a small role in creating excitement during the Allen years at UConn- if it was only to drum up competitive spirit. I'd like to see him win; however, I think UNC will win in the end. Who knows though? I'd love to see a couple of Bracket Busters this year!

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