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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Boo yah!

Since it was raining last night, I went to the gym instead of running outside with FitCorp for their hill training. My book had me down for a 30 minute jog, and I decided to turn that into a 30 minute hill workout. The gym was packed when I got there, but there was a lone empty treadmill right in front of a TV tuned to ESPN. I don't run with headphones, so I like to position myself in front of a TV that has something interesting on. Watching ESPN on mute is a lot more interesting than watching Jim Cramer run around like a jackass on mute. I couldn't believe my good luck last night, until I tried to program the treadmill and then potentially knew why it was vacant. Some of the buttons on the key pad didn't work... I was able to select "trail" for the workout scenario (which is a sloping hill), weight had me fine with 118, time- the "0" was broken, so I went with 31 minutes. Not a problem. Max speed- normally I do 7.0, but again, I went with 7.1. Max incline was a bit trickier because you can't select inclines that aren't divisible by 0.5. So, I either had to go with 2.5 or 3.5, since 3.0 wasn't happening. I went with the higher incline and it wasn't that bad really. With the trail setting, you get about a 7 minute stretch at a reduced speed running at a 3.5 incline. The broken keypad did me a favor in the long run because I got a better workout and I realized that I could be pushing myself more on the shorter hill runs.

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swift said...

I had a similar experience in college. One day the chocolate spout on the Edy's ice cream machine (in Lower) was broken, so I was forced into trying a different flavor (mint chip), and the rest was history.