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Monday, January 28, 2008

Worst Movie Ever

Why shouldn't you see this movie? (beat) Because, I said so.

Like the title says, yesterday I watched the worst movie ever. I slept until 11, cleaned the house and then sat down to watch TV. I was sick of ESPN's Winter X Games and NESN's seemingly 24 hour Super Bowl coverage, so I flipped to HBO and saw that "Because I Said So" had just started. I sort of figured the movie would be bad in a "that was so cheesy, but mildly entertaining"way; like "The Holiday" or other chick flicks. I also figured that you can't go too wrong with Diane Keaton. Unfortunately, you can; and now those are 2 hours I can't get back. And, to my delight, the Washington Post called it the Worst Movie of 2007!

Tonight is a 40 minute run at the gym.

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