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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't Get Any On Ya

Adding the ricotta to my la-la-la-lasagna
Last night I ran quarter-mile repeats- this week's workout said that I should only run 6 this week, which was good because I had to run some errands last night. Next week it says I should run 16 though, so I'll be paying for last night's puny workout. I also had the pleasure of seeing my brother at the gym last night. He's been a member for several months now, but usually arrives a bit later than I do and uses the weight machines in areas that I haven't even stepped foot in the entire 3 years I've been a member at Boston Sports Club.

After the gym, I went to the grocery store in anticipation of our weekend ski outing to Sunday River. I made a lasagna and stromboli to bring up with us, so we'll get to use the little kitchen in our condo for activities other than mixing drinks. We're heading up to Maine tonight with our friends Brad and Jenny, so the next time I post hopefully it will be to celebrate the Patriots victory! I don't have any runs planned this weekend, because skiing with my husband and Brad is like being in basic training, as their goal is to get "first lift" and they have to be coerced into taking a lunch break. 3 days x 8 hours of skiing=my weekend workouts. Have a great weekend! Go Pats!

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2 LMZ FARMS said...

I think if I was you I would just stay in and take care of Jack, George, Jim, and Jose.lol Well, those are friends of mine. lol Hope you have a wonderful time skiing. Yea, I have to admit I'm pulling for the Pats myself. Hope you and yours have a blessed weekend.