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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Woman Vs. Street! (Or, the Worst Bear Grylls Impression You've Ever Heard)

So here is my first video for the blog! Some back story on this. Tonight was my first wind sprint workout and since someone told me that the track in Southie was lit at night, I thought it would be much better running there than on a treadmill. I jogged the 10 minutes to the track only to find that it was not lit at night. Seeing as how the track is not in the nicest part of town, I figured I would do my workout along the way back towards a better lit/safer area. Everything was going smoothly- I was sprinting for about 2 minutes, than walking for about 2 minutes. Around my 4th or so sprint, I tripped in a pothole, fell flat on my face (in the middle of the street no less), tore open my spandex pants at the knee and consequently gashed open my knee. Yes, I am that graceful. I managed to finish up my intended 10 sprints and recoveries with a jog home, but it was a little painful. Below is a photo of my knee and above is my dramatic video enactment a la Bear Grylls from "Man vs. Wild." Also, next week I think I'll run on the treadmill.


JAS said...

OUCH!!! I almost bit it myself doing my wind sprints outside. I will also be doing those hellish things exclusively on a treadmill from this point foward :)

Swift said...

I've found the best place for wind sprints to be a local school soccer field. The grass is usually pretty flat and free from obstacles, and it's easy to keep track of distances. Not sure if they have those in Southie, however.

Alicia said...

There are plenty of grassy areas and fields, but the problem is that I don't know of one that's lit at night. I might have to venture out of my neighborhood if I want to do this outside. Too bad I can't get into the Plex anymore!