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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sitting around, minding my biz

Milo Turk

How funny was that Milo Turk on American Idol last night? I almost fell off the couch when he started singing, "No sex allowed!" A quick Google search shows that this guy was just performing an established act. It was the first time I saw it though, and it was hysterical (especially the look on Simon's face.) I'm not a huge American Idol fan; however, I do try and watch the audition shows, because the terrible people are funny and it's heart-warming to see the talented ones get a yellow (golden?) ticket and celebrate with their families.
Anyway... I decided to skip the comfortable bike for the elliptical machine last night. I did 30 minutes of "rolling hills" at level 10 (out of 20.) Level 10 wasn't terribly difficult, but it wasn't easy. Level 20 must be like trying to pedal through cement. Tonight I am going to take my wind sprint workout to the treadmill. I think it will be easy to program, but let's hope the high speeds don't throw me off the thing! In high school, my friend's dad was on a treadmill and he tried to take his sweatshirt off while still running... He fell off the treadmill, landed on his back and had to reassure the staff that he hadn't in fact suffered from a heart attack as was originally suspected, but was simply a victim of poor judgement.

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