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Friday, January 4, 2008

Quick Note

I finished the "4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon" last night and realized that how I thought I would have to train vs. how I will have to train is quite different. For example, I was planning on doing my longer runs at "marathon pace" while the book explains that in reality I should be going a lot slower than that. woo hoo! The book explains that there are 5 different workouts and while the longer runs are at a slower pace, the shorter ones are where I'll build up my legs through quick bursts of speed. My favorite workout is the 5th one though- rest day. The author says that this is the most important workout of them all and that it's worse to miss a rest day than a long run. Sounds good to me. All kidding aside though, this book is a real motivator and even goes so far as to point out that if Oprah can run a marathon without stopping- so can you!

I'd also like to say "hi!" to my friend Jen Smith who is training for her first half marathon! Good luck, Jen!! :)

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JAS said...

Nice! My first blog "shout out" - You have me hooked on this blog now!