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Friday, January 25, 2008


Last night I spent 30 minutes on what seemed to be a bastardized version of an elliptical machine. It was slim pickings for machines last night and I had to take what I could get. This thing looked like one of those old sketches that people might have drawn before there were airplanes (minus the crude wings attached to it.) Anyway, I tried to find it's name, but it just said "Cybex" across the front. I just did a Google search, and it turns out I was on the Total Body Arc trainer. It also turns out that I was wrong in thinking that I was on an elliptical machine, because there's an article explaining why the Body Arc "gait simulator" (you learn something new everyday) is FAR superior to the elliptical machine. Well, maybe I have a lot to learn about gait simulators, but I felt ridiculous on this contraption...
Tomorrow is 16 miles... yikes!


Nick P. said...

This thing doesn't look all that ridiculous. How far do you have to run tonight? Is it just a light warm-up for tomorrow. By the way, I still think that picture from yesterday's post looks like Manny.

Alicia said...

Tonight is rest day!