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Monday, January 7, 2008

First Long Run is Out of the Way

First off, thank you to Mom for her generous donation!
Thanks Mom! (Seen here with her friend Carol)

On Saturday I ran 10.5 miles with the FitCorp crowd. We took the T to Woodlawn (2nd to last stop on the D line) and ran back to One Beacon via the marathon route. You had the option of meeting other runners at FitCorp (located at One Beacon St) or meeting everyone at Woodlawn T stop. I took the bus to Copley and the D train that I caught coincidentally had everyone who had met at One Beacon. There were about 100 runners; in other words, a train full of spandex, water belts and Vaseline-d body parts.

The run was awesome and I did my best to take my time and not try and keep pace with the fastest group (which appeared to be some folks running for Liver Research. They were also followed around by a guy recording their training and the T ride down.) For Heartbreak Hill, I just kept my head down and it wasn't bad at all, but we'll see what happens after 20 miles vs. 6 or so. I finished the run in 1:37:37- so about 9 minute 24 second miles, which is faster than I should have been going for my long run. Next week is a 12 or 14 mile run, and I'll try to keep my time a bit slower.

Sunday was "rest day" and Nick and I went to Costco and Jordan's Furniture. Jordan's in Reading is only slightly less fun than Disneyworld. They had a trapeze school, liquid fireworks, and a giant animated Wally that ate a Yankee player. Tonight, per my schedule is a 40 minute jog. Nice.

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JAS said...

Nice! I am still very afraid of the 10 mile run. I am doing 6 on Sunday and that seems scary!! I did 3.5 miles of wind sprints for speed training tonight - it was hellish but I feel good now :)