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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sing! Sing a Song!

When I first started working in a financial services library several years ago, I was amused by how many industry specific journals exist. Concrete Monthly, Beverage Dynamics, Pollution Equipment News, Pulp & Paper Week... My former employer used to subscribe to thousands of industry publications, and as the library shelver and cataloger, I became quite familiar with them. Depending on what day of the week or month it was, it would sometimes take me several hours to check-in and shelve all of these publications, so I'd make up little songs about each one to keep myself sane.
For instance, "American Banker" was to the tune of Dave Matthew's "American Baby."
(I hope you pay American, Banker/ American Banker)

"Defined Contribution and Savings Plan Alert" was to the tune of Robbie Williams' (fantastic song) "Radio"
(He put some dough in the arsenal/ Money flow/ Defined Contribution/Your retirement grows)

The best days were when "Asset-Backed Alert" arrived, because that meant I got to sing:
(Call me big daddy when you back that asset up/ Debt, who is you playing with, back that asset up/ Mortgages look good, won't you back that asset up/ Let's minimize risk, won't you back that asset up)

I'm sure that's just the interpretation that Juvenile was going for when he penned the original lyrics.

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