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Monday, May 12, 2008

Move On Up! Specficially, to the East Side

I make a conscious effort to not use my blog to complain about life's daily hassles, but I have to make an exception tonight. I am so tired of people double-parking in front of the PS Gourmet Coffee on Dorchester Street. People usually stop here to pop into the package store at night or the coffee shop during the day, and by doing so they block off the right hand turn signal lane. Tonight there was a BMW SUV double parked there and an entire lane of traffic was prevented from taking advantage of the right hand turn signal and we had to wait until the left hand lane got the green light. Normally I just accept this as part of city life- sometimes you have to double park- but as I drove by the SUV, there was a lady behind the wheel just chatting on her cell. In that situation, if you're waiting for a friend, why not unblock the right hand lane and pull about 20 feet forward onto East Broadway? It's just common courtesy, people!

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Anonymous said...

AMEN! It's about time that someone complained about that intersection. Southie yuppies, hoods and locals alike think they can park in any lane of traffic, especially in this lane on a active green arrow. Even dbl parking in front of an open spot or bus stop. People are just lazy and rude. Others need to use thier horn to let it known that this behavior is not tolerated.