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Monday, May 5, 2008

Friends with Benefits: the Nut Guy & the Tour Guide

Immediately outside of State T stop, there's a Roasted Nut vendor. I had gone to Viga in Pi Alley for lunch and as I was walking past the nut guy on my way back, I saw two of those Colonial tour guides greet the vendor with familiarity. One of the guides dips his hand into the copper bowl that holds the roasted nuts, scoops out a handful and keeps on walking. The vendor didn't even blink an eye, which made me think that this is a reoccuring event. If you're friends with the nut guy, do you get a complimentary handful of nuts each time you pass by?
When you're buying food off the street, I realize that you're sacrificing a bit of cleanliness; however, this is pretty disgusting.

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