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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ennio! Review (in the style of American Idol)


Ah.......ha ha ha....Yo, Ennio! ha ha ha... Ok, Dawg, let's check it. That was alright, man. There were some problems for me, but overall I like what you did with the piece. I especially liked the costume changes and how you kept the audience on their toes. We got to see Kylie, Cher, Elton, Whitney and Madonna, but what I'd like to see is who YOU are. It was just OK for me, Dawg.


(Standing ovation) You know Ennio, you really looked great tonight. This is who you are. You're a performer. Your enthusiasm and inner beauty really shined through. I was left wanting more!


I'm going to have to agree with... Randy. (Audience boos. Simon rolls eyes.) What?! OK, Ennio, can I be honest with you? It was OK... I didn't love it. It was all a bit cruise ship for me. At this point, song selection is key and what did you end your performance with... New York, New York! C'mon Ennio, ending with that song at a Boston performance was not a wise choice. I think you've put yourself into some trouble with that one.

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