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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Live at Ennio

I'm in my seat at the Huntington waiting for the show, Ennio, to begin. The theatre is really bright and clean, and there's some peppy pre-show music playing. I am extremely close to the stage and am worried this will be an intimate performance as there are not a lot of people here. I had a slice of pizza at Emilio's before coming here, and forgot how good the people watching in the South End is. Actually, the dog watching was even better. It seems that every other person who walks by is accompanied by a cute puppy. In the 15 minutes I spent eating, I saw a French Bulldog, yellow lab, pug, and a fuzzy brown terrier looking dog. Time to watch the show- hopefully the mobile device blogging feature I signed up for today sends this post to the right place...
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