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Friday, May 9, 2008

45 Province Boston: Taking Luxury to New Heights

The line at Chacarero was not only out the door this afternoon, but it also about 6 people deep onto the sidewalk. The building across the street from it is being built at an incredible pace, and I took some time to take in the 5 million dollar units while I stood waiting for my 5 dollar sandwich.
"45 Province Boston," or "Someplace I'll Never Live"

According the web site, the building will boast (among other luxuries, of course!):

  • four-season roof top pool
  • spa treatments and a fitness center
  • library (I'd be happy to work there for free in exchange for room & board)
  • theatre room (I can't decide if this is a movie theater room or a room dedicated to live theater)

All of these amenities are fine and dandy, but the real perk of 45 Province is that's directly across the street from 2 of Boston's finest establishments: Chacarero and Sam LaGrassa's. To me, that is luxury defined.

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CityMouse said...

Hi Librarian. Its a screening room. And there are many units well under $5 million. I believe one bedrooms start around $700k.