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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fish or Cut Bait?!

Door to door, it's about a mile from our house on East Broadway to Broadway T station. Unless it's pouring rain or my bag is particularly heavy, I usually just walk to the T instead of waiting for the 9 bus. Since it's only about a 12 minute walk, it usually doesn't make sense time-wise to wait for the bus. Granted, riding the bus is quicker if I don't have to wait very long, but 80% of the time I end up getting to Broadway before a 9 passes me by. Normally I just continue down West Broadway and glance back down the street as I pass the bus stops to see if one's right behind me. More often than not, there's no bus in sight, and so I just keep plugging along to the T.
The past couple of days though, as the weather has been getting warmer and Spring-like, I've noticed how my side of the street is covered in shadows, while the opposite side is bright and sunny. This observation inevitably leads to the following internal debate:
"That side looks nice and sunny... maybe I'll cross to the sunny side of the street."
"Yeah, but if a bus comes by you'll miss it."
"One usually doesn't come anyway, and if it does, it's packed."
"You never know... And your legs are still a bit fatigued from last night's run."
And so, hope springs eternal and I stay in the cold shadows while clinging to a pathetic hope that an empty bus will appear. And, like a jilted lover, the bus continues to stand me up.
Tired of being disappointed, this morning I thought to myself, "I'm crossing to the sunny side of the street and not looking back." Enjoying the sun hit my back, I then watched not 1, but 2 buses pass me by.

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