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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New South Boston Gym on W Broadway

Over the past couple of months, I've been watching the former Curves gym on West Broadway being refurbished and re-branded as Regan's Motivated Fitness. I've lived in Southie since July 2002, and I'm not 100% certain, but I think the gym that occupied that space when I first moved there was not a Curves, but a locally owned gym. The Curves that I first remember being there closed and then reopened under new management. This eventually closed too and the building was empty for awhile until I started to see signs for yet another gym, Regan's Motivated Fitness.
I'm wondering if the effort to open a different type of business there would be too great. Or more specifically, why do people keep opening gyms here? Granted, Curves has a very specific target client base; women looking for a friendly non-threatening gym environment and a workout routine they can complete in 30 minutes. From their window advertisements, Regan's looks like they have a broader client base in mind. One of the window stickers reads, "Ripped by Regan" and another one promotes "Weight Loss" counseling.
I love thinking about advertising, marketing strategies and branding, so I've been curious to see how Regan's was going to set about getting new business. I was immediately wondering why someone would chose to open a gym in the springtime, when most people start to think about joining a gym in December & January. Last night a guy was handing out fliers for Regan's at Broadway T stop that advertised monthly rates and some fitness programs for May. He wasn't wearing anything to suggest he was working for Regan's and didn't look enthused about recruiting new members. The flier wasn't particularly impressive (although it did at least have the gym logo on it for some branding), and it invited you to stop by, but didn't list gym hours or a web site. According to the flier, rates start at $35/month, but this is only slightly cheaper than the Gold's in Southie that's a lot bigger, an established reputation, and a parking lot...
I'm certainly not rooting for Regan's to fail, but I think it's going to be an uphill battle for them.


john1324 said...

Alright bud, get your facts right. There was never a Curves at the same place that the gym is curently at. Also many people are also looking to join a gym in the spring so that they can try to get in shape for the summer. If I were you i would think before you speak. You do not have anything right, the lot there before was a good will, why don't you try to open a buisness.

john1324 said...

If your a librarian you should do your research. They are very helpful and it is a very friendly gym. It is newer and cleaner than many other gyms in the area. You get personal attention and they work very hard to fit your needs and get you into shape.