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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flick Off the Old Block

I decided to go to Chacarero for lunch today even though when I made this decision it was quarter past noon. The best time to go is between 11:30-11:45, since an arrival any later than this usually means you'll be in a line out the door. A long line isn't going to stand between most Chacerero patrons and their sandwiches though, and 20 minutes is a small price to pay for this satisfying treat. When I got there the line was just almost overflowing onto the sidewalk and a group of guys got there right before I did.
They looked like they were in their very early 20's and were dressed in slightly too big suits, which made me think they were interns. The line moved forward slightly, and 2 of the 3 interns, who had been leaning against the door to hold it open were able to comfortably move into the restaurant. The 3rd intern, who was directly in front of me, decides that he does not want to hold the door open as everyone before him has done, and quickly steps aside and lets the door hit me in the arm, while he continues talking to his friends. I was annoyed by his behavior not because the door hit me in the arm, but because he opted not to follow the unspoken social rules for standing in long lines.
Once I managed to get inside too, I watched the intern create what I imagined him to think was a suitably carefree young professional look for himself by taking the shorter end of his tie and tossing it over his shoulder, while the longer part remained in place over his dress shirt. It took all of my will-power not to flick it off his shoulder, which would have been so satisfying. Instead, I took a photo.

This tie was just begging for a flick

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2 LMZ FARMS said...

See, this is where you and me are different. I would have called attention to that guy when he let the door hit me. As far as me knowing people in high places, well, it's just that some of the people I show with work for the state. When election times comes around I always make it a point to go to the speaking and speak directly to who is running for office. Ok, I guess I do know people in high places. Just too sad that they won't give me a good job though.lol Take care and hope you and yours have a blessed day.