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Monday, April 28, 2008

All the Better to See You With

I've worn glasses since I was three years old, and thus, perhaps destined to be a librarian. My astigmatism is bad enough to prevent me from being able to wear soft contact lenses, so when I do wear contacts they're gas permeable. Unfortunately, gas perms aren't really suited for long term daily wear, so it's glasses by day and contacts by night.
Boy, Bacardi must have had me in mind during this ad campaign...
I don't particularly mind wearing my glasses; in a way, they allow people to remember your face better. I've worked at numerous counter-style breakfast places, and it was always easier to assign a memory device to customers wearing glasses. I'd see the tall woman with red frames and know to get her a toasted everything with hummus on the side.
Of course, some people wear frames that are easier to remember than others. My current ones are black with a lime green tint around the edges, and fall into the "easier to remember" category. I grossly overestimated my flexible spending account this year, so I have the luxury of getting a "free" pair of glasses before July. Shopping for glasses is a time-consuming process, because unlike a shirt that looks fantastic in the dressing room and hideous at home in natural light, glasses can't be returned and you need to wear them. I definitely don't want to be reminded of an impulse buy every time I look in the mirror, so I take a long time to make a decision.
For about a month now I have been trying on frames at different stores in the city, but I haven't found anything memorable. Last Friday, I went to Eyes Over Copley and tried on several frames there. I love Eyes Over Copley because they give you honest feedback and have a great selection of frames. Plus, it's always nice to support a local independent store versus a larger national chain. One pair really stuck with me and so on Saturday I went back and ordered my new frames. They should be in hand within a week or 2, and I'm looking forward to throwing off my co-workers and lunch counter staff with my new look.

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