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Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Re-cap

We had a great time skiing this weekend. Sunday River has enough terrain to keep us excited for 3 full days of skiing. Back in October, we booked 3 weekend trips at the Boston Ski Expo, and got a slopeside condo for this weekend for a song. The only downside to the condo is that it's located in the same building as Gringo Harrys, which smells (from the outside anyway) like moldy feet combined with that guy on the bus with the GI issue. Granted we've never stepped foot inside there; however, the smell is so bad that I was horrified to learn on the web site that you can host your wedding reception there. We really only skied about 2 full days combined because 90% of the lifts were closed Saturday due to high winds- which was doubly unfortunate considering that it had snowed about 6 inches the night before and was still snowing when we decided just to call it a day and get a voucher (vs. fighting a million people on about 5 open trails.) We also had to leave around noontime on Sunday in order to get Nick back to Boston in time for his flight to London. The time we did get to ski was a lot of fun though, and we're fortunate to have good friends to go with! Last night my brother came over to watch the Super Bowl with me, and even though the Patriots were manhandled, we still had a good time.
Tonight I ran 40 minutes at the gym- 20 minutes at 6.3 with a 1.0 incline and 20 minutes at 6.2 with no incline. Tomorrow is 30 minutes of cross-training. Please enjoy some photos from the weekend!

Group shot from the first night

Brad & Jenny on the lift

Arrrrrr you ready for some football?

Nick & I tearing up the dance floor (I suspect he may ask me to remove this one)

Overall opinion of the weekend (after 8 rum & Cokes)

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Swift said...

Hahaha. Hosting your wedding reception at Gringo Harrys would allow you to capitalize on the sweeping view of the indoor pool & sauna area. In any case, a great ski weekend, made possible by the Friday storm, the Captain, Catchphrase, Jordan Bowl, and a delicious lasagna.