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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't Need No Credit Card to Ride this Train

First off, there have been a lot of great donations the past few days! Thank you to everyone who has donated towards attending the fundraiser on March 20th at McFadden's! Again, if you would like to attend, please click on the link to the right or visit www.got2fundraise.blogspot.com. Also, thank you to my friends Kristina & Michael, Trisha, George, and the Ahlschlager's for their generous donations via the First Giving site!

Tuesday night I found myself back on the weird Cybex machine, which was actually a good workout. Last night were the quarter mile repeats, which are an intense workout, but time goes by quickly. My book recommends eating a carb snack before and after the workout; however, yesterday I didn't have time to grab something before rushing to the gym to secure a treadmill. I did have a package of Pina Colada flavored Clif Shot Bloks in my backpack and decided to try them out while on the treadmill, since part of my training involves learning to take these energy supplements while on the move. The Bloks are the exact consistency of Jujubes and maybe slightly larger, while Clif describes them more scientifically as, "chewable, 33 calorie cubes." Yum. The package recommends taking 3-6 per hour, so every 15 minutes or so I popped one into my mouth and chased them with water. They tasted pretty good, but I couldn't tell during the run if I felt any better than I had the week before. The main difference is that after my repeats I still felt OK- and I wasn't famished. I have another package of "margarita" flavored Bloks that I'll try again, but I think I'll stick to more traditional supplements during the marathon.
This morning I had a dentist appointment in Walpole that I had to drive to (vs. taking public transportation.) It's a bit of a haul, but Dr. Strac is a great dentist and it's not so bad considering I only have to go twice a year. I used to commute to Norwood, and while I don't miss the bumper-to-bumper traffic on 93, I do miss listening to the radio this morning. My hellish drive to the dentist this morning was compensated by the fact that I got to hear Huey Lewis' "The Power of Love" and the Who's "Squeeze Box."


Swift said...

I didn't know you're supposed to snack while running? Why not just good, old-fashined Sun Chips.

Alicia said...

The proper term is "refueling" not "snacking"

Nick P. said...

Brad, don't get any ideas.

Alicia, I trust you got a good report from the dentist? It's a good thing you had the clif snacks after the dentist as they're probably not on the dentist's list of treats healthy for the teeth.

Also, how come no Idol update today?