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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Excuse Me Please For Being So Rude- That Was Not Me, It Was My Food.

I just had a journal vendor call me, and half way through introducing himself he burped into the phone. "Whoops! That was just a post lunch burp there!" This is from someone who wanted me to agree to a $1,745 newsletter subscription. If it had been me who had burped, I think I would have just soldiered on without acknowledging the bodily function. After a few minutes of talking with Bobby I knew that he was eager to make a sale, but I told him that I'd have to take down his information and call him back. Any new purchases require sign off and I couldn't agree to a subscription at that time. This prompted him to ask me if I was tired, because "[I] sure sound[ed] tired." I'm not so sure Bobby is cut out for a sales position.

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