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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hot in Herre

About 4 years ago, 4 of my high school friends and I took a trip to Fort Lauderdale. Our beachfront hotel was gorgeous and centrally located. In order to cut costs, we all stayed in the same room, which meant that there were 2 to a bed and the last one in each night was rewarded with a makeshift bed that consisted of 2 armchairs pushed together. In addition to squeezing 5 adults into one room, we also managed to save some money by going in mid-July. I believe the average temperature hovered around 96, which made laying out at the beach practically intolerable. Our 2nd or 3rd day there, my friend John retrieved the complimentary newspaper outside our hotel room and sat down to read. "Well, I'm looking at the weather," he said, "And in case you're interested it's printed right here: Hot as balls." I don't think the weatherman could have put it any more accurately, and the expression has stuck with me over the years. On days like today when I set out on my 12 minute walk to the T and my glasses slip down my sweaty nose along the way, John's proclamation rings true in my head.

5 Cheapskates Beating the Heat in Fort Lauderdale

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