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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My $230 Mistake

So Nick's parents (Joe & Linda), Nick and I went for an early dinner and then Nick took off for his hotel. He has a client meeting tomorrow morning about halfway between Buffalo and Boston, so the plan was for him to drive there this evening and I'd fly back to Boston. Around 5:30, I checked my flight status and saw that it was ontime and set to leave Boston at 8:50 PM as scheduled. Boston! I couldn't believe it- I had purchased a ticket from Boston to Buffalo, instead of Buffalo to Boston! I called US Airways in a panic, and they told me that it would cost $150 to change my ticket and that they couldn't fly me out until 5 PM Monday afternoon. Joe suggested I try a different airline and I found a flight leaving Buffalo at 7:45 on Jet Blue- I got the last ticket. Joe and I hightailed it to the airport, where I found found out my flight was delayed until 9:30. So now I'm paying the price for my stupidity, and am cooling my heels at Gate 8 at Buffalo Niagara Airport. Aside from my transportation issues, we had a great weekend though. Linda, Nick and I played golf this morning, and Linda shot an 80, with a 35 on the back 9. That's a new course record for the ladies on the back 9! On Saturday, we all went to an Italian street festival and then to visit my sister and brother in law and 2 nephews at their home just outside of Buffalo. Thankfully I'm already married into the family, because after tonight's hideous snafu, they may have told Nick to reconsider marrying such an airhead!
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