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Monday, July 21, 2008

Comcastic Fees

I called Comcast to cancel our HBO since we don't really watch it too often.

The call went smoothly until the Customer Care Rep said, "Ok, your new monthly service bill will be $130 and you'll just see a cancellation charge for $1.99 on your next statement."

"You charge $1.99 to cancel a service?"

She told me it was a standard fee and I wasn't going to argue over two bucks; however, from working in a call center I know that people are willing to argue over the smallest points and I'm sure others have given her a much harder time than I have. Comcast's cancellation fee reminds me of the airline (I forget which one) commercial where there's a fee to lean a seat back and open the overhead luggage compartment.

I fear that complaining about fees puts me in the same category as the scary old man who yells at kids for walking across his lawn...


Anonymous said...

Think of it in two way:

1. How many customers they serve * $2 = a boatload of cash they're extorting out of people they claim to serve.

2. Other company will see no negative benefits, and start doing the same as a new revenue stream. Imagine the MBTA charging a fee to stop to let you off?

Complain away and feel proud that your part of our capitalistic system and making comcast better for it.

Suldog said...

Completely agree with Anonymous. Make a fuss about it.

Ron Newman said...

Imagine the MBTA charging a fee to stop to let you off?

wasn't there a song about that?