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Monday, July 21, 2008

Comcastic Fees- Part II, The Resolution

So, earlier in the day I wrote about how Comcast charges a fee to cancel a service. Well, I received the following email from Comcast:
I read your message on this URL: http://got2trotlibrarian.blogspot.com/2008/07/comcastic-fees.html. I work for Comcast and I am willing to reach out to my contacts to take care of the fee fro you. If you are interest in my assistance, please send me the phone number associated with your account at the below email. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to assist!
Best Regards,
Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
I emailed him back and he left me a message saying that he took care of the fee. That's great, but if Comcast hires someone to patrol blogs and message boards looking for negative comments that they'll gladly take care of, why even have the fee in the first place?


me said...

Good to know. Thanks!

swift said...

Comcast is shady like that, but what can you do. I envy those that live in an area serviced by RCN.

Nick P. said...

I enjoy Comcast's service generally, but I agree the $1.50 charge is a little unnecessary.

By the way, when are you going to be done with that next blog post?

Ma~ said...

What a coincidence! I just read about the Comcast online monitoring in the news!