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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Panty Day at the Office

I have more underwear than I know what to do with. Victoria's Secret has sent me a coupon for a free pair almost weekly for the past 6 months. There's a store 2 minutes from where I work, so I generally just pop in during lunch to claim them (white, buff, or pink only!) Another coupon arrived in the mail last night, and I considered just leaving it on top of the area where our building's mail boxes are housed since I'm almost embarrassed to go claim another free pair. A few minutes ago, I collected the library's mail and nestled between invoices for our market data services, was another coupon for a free pair of drawers.

Victoria is keen to share her secret with me

I've never taken advantage of the "Plus $10 off any bra" offer that comes with each coupon, so it's not like I'm giving them any additional business. Maybe Victoria's Secret is just trying to improve librarian images one bottom at a time?


Kayleigh said...

How do you get so many? Do you get multiple copies of their catalogues too? I get the free coupon about once a year, usually when they have some new line out, but that's it. I want more free clothes!!

Jacob said...

I get those pretty much every week...