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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Photos from My Childhood, or, A Lifetime of Wearing My Pants High

When I was home recently, I found some old photos. Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Here we have my mom feeding my little brother, David, and me wearing a Lacoste shirt that was probably pretty inexpensive at the time, but would cost you close to $90 these days.

Here I am rocking another Lacoste shirt (velour, no less!) Too bad my mom didn't save those- we could be making a fortune on Ebay.

My parents wasted a lot of time and money enrolling me in dance lessons. Some things are not meant to be. I'm the one in the middle (who looks like she's about to fall over) and noticeably out of sync with the rest of the little girls.

2nd grade. I LOVED this outfit; particularly the suspenders. I used to pretend I was in a polka band... Too bad I'm not joking.

5th grade. It's frightening how large my hand looks in this photo.
Saxophones are a nice accessory in any photo. Band was another time and money waster. My lowest grade in middle school was in band (C) and I was last chair in the "B" band. Much to my parents' and brother's relief, I dropped band in 8th grade.
My good friend Steph and I after a tennis tournament. I loved that racquet- Fox.

7th grade. Our first semi-formal dance made exceptionally awkward based on the fact that I was 5'5'' (taller than all the boys) and couldn't dance. I guess floral print dresses and Sam & Libby shoes were mandatory.

8th grade. Only Erica was fashion savvy enough to graduate to a more sophisticated print. Karen and I played it safe with floral numbers.


Suldog said...

Holy moley, you were (are) cute. But, of course, you know my predilection for brunettes with eyewear, so this comment shouldn't surprise you. Heck, even without the glasses you're nice-looking.

Oops! Gotta stop now! Here comes MY WIFE!

sushi2 said...

Cute photos. Thanks for sharing =). You look a lot like your Mom, very pretty =)