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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kicking the Habit

When I first started my job out of college, I was given a Franklin Covey planner and had to attend a ridiculously long training session on how to use it. Our trainer would ask us questions like, "What is something that no matter how much you plan, may still catch you off guard during the workday?" No one has ever accused me of having a sophisticated sense of humor and being 22, I whispered (a little too loudly) to the girl next to me, "diarrhea" and we both died laughing. Unfortunately, the trainer didn't find this funny and I was reprimanded in front of the class. Whoops. One thing the woman said that did actually stick with me (probably because she repeated it 35 times) is that it takes two weeks to form a habit. I'm hoping that most people's resolutions to use a gym fizzle before that two week habit forming period.

Fortunately, I was able to secure a treadmill in front of the tv that's tuned to ESPN, which is 1000 times more interesting to watch on mute than CNBC. (I don't run with an iPod or headphones.) My book called for a 40 minute jog, and I ran for 40 minutes at 6.5 mph and kept the incline at 1.5 for the first 30 minutes. Today's workout called for 30 minutes of cross-training, and that's out of the way as I took my 55 minute yoga class this morning.

Tonight I'm heading to the grocery store to buy some ingredients to make some homemade goodies for my friends that just had a beautiful baby girl, Mia. Congratulations Staci & Ian!

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