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Thursday, February 5, 2009

This (Last) Month's Featured Reader: Carlton!

Introducing January's Featured Reader: Carlton!
I mentioned a couple of posts ago, that Carlton Banks made a donation to Team Eye and Ear. Well, Carlton is also January's Featured Reader of the Month. Despite the fact that it's already February 5th, I will excuse Carlton for turning his answers in late as he was tied up with Bel Air social events. Here's Carlton in his own words! (My questions are in bold.)

Real men wear pink

1) By day I... crush my bridge club, by night I... rock out in a barbershop quartet.

2) I can’t live without... Bananarama’s Greatest Hits

3) Best meal I’ve ever had was Beef Wellington with Yorkshire pudding at the Beverly Hills Country Club. The worst meal I’ve ever had was Delmonico steak at Capital Grille – too spicy!

4) 3 Quirky facts about me:
1-I brush my teeth with my left hand, but croquet with my right
2-On New Year’s Eve 2006, I stayed up until 1:15AM
3-I prefer a single Windsor knot to a double Windsor.

5) Haiku describing what you did yesterday
the Prince loves the chili
I Saran wrapped the loo
not so Fresh now

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