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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ohhhh... Fuuuudddddggge (Only I Didn't Say 'Fudge')

On Saturday, after my FitCorp run, Nick and I went to the Natick Mall area to kill some time before going to see "Taken." We had lunch at Boloco and then wandered into the Container Store. There's something about all the nifty boxes, crates, and storage chests that are very therapeutic to look at; however, I realize the store is pretty much a rip off and that I don't need hanging spice racks or dividers for my sock drawer. It's definitely fun to imagine having the time, money and space to be that organized though.
I had almost made it out the store without a purchase when I saw a special little travel container for cereal and milk. While I've been making an effort to bring my lunch 3 days/week, it's unusual if I don't pack oatmeal or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. I've always thought cereal would be a nice option, but there was the problem of having a supply of milk on hand. I could keep a carton in the work fridge, but for reasons I won't go into, that seemed more trouble than it was worth.
Yesterday morning, I took a photo of the container to share on my blog; I was so happy with my $6.00 purchase.


When I arrived at work this morning, I stuck my resuable lunch bag (which held my cereal & milk container) in the fridge while I put the newspapers away and checked my email. My lunchbag had been sitting on top of my gym clothes in my backpack, and when I reached into the backpack to grab a hair tie my clothes were sopping wet. The seal on the milk container leaked and soaked through my tee shirt and pants. I am hoping the clothes will dry before noon...

Shoebox + fan = sad drying rack

They've started to dry, but are rather crusty. Container Store, 1. Alicia, 0.


Mom said...

You must not have had the top on tight enough. It has to snap tightly.

Nick P. said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. It's more like:

Alicia not closing the top all the way - 1

Gym clothes - 0

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...

Nice to see how much faith my family has in me!

swift said...

They have it all wrong, the product was defective...you should return it for one that functions properly.

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...

Thank you, Swift. Finally, someone understands the real issue!