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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's 56th birthday, and she and my dad came up for brunch and cake. My brother suggested Eastern Standard, which turned out to be a great suggestion. I especially enjoyed my Pom spritzer. After brunch, we came back to our place for cake and presents.

The fam

David, Nick & I got her an Ipod & an arm holder thingee for the gym.

Here's my dad patiently waiting for cake

Lighting the cake. Due to the cake's rectangular shape, I had to frost it on a cheese themed platter. It wasn't a cheese cake though.

First bite- Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!


Mom said...

I love you all too. Thanks for making my day so special. Love, Mom xxxxx

Swift said...

Eastern Standard is great...in warmer weather, you can sit out on the patio, and enjoy the BU people watching...

Suldog said...

Your Mom is 56? She sure doesn't look it. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Nick P. said...

I wouldn't count BU people watching as a plus on the Eastern Standard's list of positives.