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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Month's Featured Reader: Nick!

Introducing February's Featured Reader: Nick!
Here Nick is posing with some of his Christmas gifts this year from me: CVS brand denture cleaner for his nightguard & boxers. Was he a good boy this year? Tough to tell with those presents...

Nick and I officially met in February 2005; however, our paths may have unwittingly crossed earlier than that as we both graduated BC in 2001. Maybe it's best we met when we did though, because I have heard stories from his roommates about how he would play video games all night and one time even woke up the next morning still holding the controller and sporting a severely indented thumb. I, on the other hand, was a bit of a nerd (shocking, I know), followed the early to bed/early to rise mantra and worked the early morning shifts at the library and the on-campus Dunkin Donuts.

I could go on and on about why Nick is the most special person in my life and why he's such a wonderful husband and person; but I'll try and keep the gushing to a minimum. Although it sounds cliche, one of my favorite things about our relationship is that Nick encourages me to break out of my comfort zone and try new things. Before we met, I had never really thought to hike Mt. Washington, take up skiing and golfing again or go off the beaten path while traveling. Thanks to Nick, I've gone on some awesome hikes, am addicted to golf and look forward to leaving the resort area while on vacation. These experiences together are some of my favorite memories! OK, here is Nick in his own words! (My questions are in bold.)

1. By day I... manage the SPA northeast insurance sector, and by night... I'm an amateur photographer, chef, and Circuit City employee.

2. I can't live without... my wife (cough...cough...skiing)

3. Best meal I've ever had...A ribeye steak with mushroom sauce and a giant portobello on top at the Capital Grille; oh, and anything my mother-in-law ever made me (that one's for you Michele). Worst meal I've ever had... Orange peel flavored cous cous. (Ed note: I followed the recipe!)

4. 3 Quirky facts about me: I read Scientific American. I'm hooked on American Idol. I love cold Spaghetti-O's and Meatballs out of the can.

5. Haiku describing what you did yesterday

Lost in corporate life,

I found my way home to find

dinner and the wife.


Michele said...

I'm glad you like my cooking, Nick.

Nick P. said...

That was a very nice prologue, babe. By the way, nice picture choice. I'm surprised you didn't mention the comfortable pants. I guess that's what I get for leaving the it up to you to pick the picture...haha.

swift said...

When I skimmed through the intro, I thought I had read that you bought Nick denture cleaner for his boxers...

Underoo Elf said...

That's funny that you both went to BC but never really crossed paths - it's really "big" small school in some ways. I'm a BC grad (2002) so I love hearing stories like that.

Vince said...

We should get together and have an amateur chef contest, Top Chef style!

Nick P. said...

You're on, Vince, though I think you probably have me beat handily. We can do Hell's Kitchen style and Alicia and Steven can shed any pent up aggression by shouting obscenities at us the whole time we're cooking. I'm sure Steven would have a lot to say after suffering through Disney World! lol.

linda said...

As his mother I'll take credit for all his most endearing and outstanding qualities. However I AM NOT responsible for any of his recipe disasters because as some of you may know, he did not learn how to cook by watching me! And by the way, I know the guy as Nicholas!