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Monday, February 2, 2009

More on my Favorite Subject... Me.

I've been tagged many times on Facebook to write 25 Random Things about myself. I held out on participating for awhile, but gave in while eating my lunch today. I cheated a little though, since I'm posting to Blogger and not Facebook...
  1. As soon as I saw my husband walk through the restaurant's door on our first date, I knew we'd get married.
  2. We met on Match.com.
  3. No, we're not in a commercial.
  4. People accuse me of being nosy, and I am; however, I am an excellent sleuth and have complete confidence in my research abilities.
  5. I used to drink a lot of Coke in college, but wanted to cut down on my sugar intake. I switched to Polar Seltzer & am completely addicted. I drink 2-3 cans a day.
  6. I allow myself one coffee (medium iced hazelnut with skim, no sugar from Dunkin Donuts) per day.
  7. I am the moron you see holding an iced coffee on my walk to work in -10 degree weather.
  8. I make half a box of spaghetti for myself and finish it. I don't believe that 1 box is supposed to feed more than 2 people...
  9. I prefer salty to sweet.
  10. I only eat hot dogs at ball parks. They taste better there.
  11. I don't understand people who don't make at least a small effort to stay physically fit.
  12. When my husband & I have a house someday, I want to have floor to ceiling bookcases in at least one of the rooms.
  13. I can recite Spaceballs & Pee-Wee's Big Adventure word-for-word with the characters.
  14. I regret not spending a semester abroad, and tell anyone who will listen that they should not make the same mistake I did.
  15. The Dunkin Donuts I go to in the mornings plays the best music. I imagine the customers and staff breaking out into elaborately choreographed numbers when a particularly good song comes on. Especially when "Like a Prayer" is on.
  16. I love writing song lyrics and jingles.
  17. I torture my husband by singing them non-stop. He's especially tortured by a song I wrote dedicated to my love of sandwiches.
  18. I am a terrible singer and dancer.
  19. I love to sing and dance.
  20. But usually it's when I'm cleaning the house or cooking and can't embarrass myself.
  21. I will always sing karaoke though. (And embarrass myself.)
  22. I love my family.
  23. You aren't supposed to like your in-laws, but I love them and wished they lived closer.
  24. I love my friends.
  25. I am raising money for Mass Eye & Ear. If everyone who reads this donates a dollar, I'll have a couple hundred bucks! Please donate $1! You can do so here: www.firstgiving.com/got2trotlibrarian


Mom said...

I was hoping I was your favorite subject. Great post. We love you.

swift said...

If given the opportunity for a redo, where would you have studied abroad?

Suldog said...

You truly met on Match? Have you told them? Might be some bucks in it for your cause if you do get asked to do a commercial.

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...

I got accepted to the Madrid program, so that's where I would have gone.

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...

They could pay me $10,000 and I don't think I'd do it. Not b/c I'm embarrassed, but because I am very much a behind-the-scenes person and would probably faint once the cameras started to roll.

Nick P. said...

This was a nice post, but for $10,000, you'd do the commercial if I had anything to do with it.

blog reader Mom said...

Me want cookies!!