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Monday, February 23, 2009


So, on Saturday I completed an 18 mile run with FitCorp. I popped 2 Advil with my first Gatorade stop, and my knees felt pretty good. (Although, they "knee-ed" a lot of rest yesterday.) The run took me 3 hours, and since I don't run with headphones and don't like to make conversation while I'm running, this leaves me a lot of time with my thoughts.
The worst part of the run is the first couple of miles; that's when I think to myself, "18 miles?! Are you crazy? Holy crap, it's so freakin' cold out. What have I gotten myself into..?"
Usually, I just end up repeating a song snippet over and over in my head and work myself into a trance like state to take my mind off the run. Unfortunately, on Saturday, I had Tatiana del Toro's (of American Idol fame) Hollywood Week audition stuck in my head, which was a poor rendition of Whitney Houston's, "I'm Your Baby Tonight."
I'm a huge Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, and I also get a kick out of reciting the mantra that Larry gave to Richard Lewis, only to ask for it back. "Jai-ya." If you've seen the episode, you know what I'm talking about. It's actually a great phrase to repeat over and over again.
I have to say though, that the highlight of Saturday's run was the fact that I didn't have to leap over frozen pools of vomit leftover from Friday night festivities. Kenmore Square and Cleveland Circle are usually pretty good for at least a couple of chunky sidewalk presents.

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