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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shrinky Dink

This afternoon, I went to put my shoes back on to go to yoga (I take off my shoes at my desk), and I noticed that my socks were the same, yet different. When pulled as high as they could go, the right sock reached mid-calf, but the left sock only reached a bit above my ankle.

Pants have been rolled up to my knees to document the dramatic difference!

How I didn't notice this this morning when I was getting dressed, I don't know. What further confounds me though is how the dryer shrank one sock to a mere shadow of it's former self, while the other remained intact. Several of Nick's t-shirts would now be snug on an 8 year old, so I do have a history of leaving things in the dryer too long, but now I've done it to myself!

This photo reminds me of the time I purchased a 3 pack of "slightly defective" Puma ankle socks at Marshall's for $2.99. I figured "slightly defective" meant that there was a missing thread or something, but when I opened the package at home, there were only 5 out of 6 advertised socks...

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