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Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday afternoon, I battled rush hour traffic on the Pike and drove home to Glastonbury, so I could help my parents hand out Halloween candy.

I may wear this to the BC/ND game on Sat night. This is the warmest suit ever.

Saturday morning, my mom and I drove to Bethlehem, CT to attend a baby shower. Bethlehem's post office is particularly busy around the holidays; a lot of Connecticut residents like to send their Christmas cards from there so they'll be postmarked from Bethlehem. I doubted whether someone would notice that, but my dad said that the few times he sent his cards from there, that his clients would tell him how they thought it was a nice touch.

Sunday morning, after I got home, Nick and I went to Costco to stock up on chicken breasts and paper towels (and unexpectedly, chicken meatballs after receiving a free sample.) Sunday around 11 am is probably the worst time to go to Costco, because the sample booths are in full swing. The popcorn chicken sample table was particularly swamped, and I felt bad for the older woman in charge of cooking the chicken and placing a few pieces in the small paper cups. As soon as the chicken hit the cup, greedy hands would grab as many samples as they could. I was frightened for the sample lady, but she seemed unphased.

This was not a good weekend for football, as BC, Buffalo and New England all lost. This weekend the Pats (my team) and the Bills (Nick's team) will go head-to-head; we only have one television, so that should be interesting. I'll hate to see Nick so upset after the Pats kick butt! (Hopefully.)

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Pooh Bear never looked so good!