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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Less than 12 Hours Later, Change is Already Here

Lately I've been taking the 7 to work, unless the 9 pulls up to the bus stop just as I'm passing by. This morning, just as I stepped outside I saw the 9 stopped about a block away, and I decided to make a run for it. In this scenario, maybe 25% of the time the driver will pretend not to notice me running towards him and waving my hands like a maniac. Normally, the driver does wait, but will practically shut the door on me and pull away in the process. This usually means that I'm falling into the aisle and putting on a show for the other passengers.

Today, as I breathlessly boarded the bus, while fumbling for my pass, the driver smiled brightly and said, "Good morning!" Completely caught off guard by her greeting, I said, "uh, hell0..?"
"Thank you!" she said smiling again, when I pressed my card to the reader and found a seat. Last night, most of the nation collectively sighed in relief and is ready for change. Based on my experience this morning, people are happier already!


Rhea said...

I think your observation is correct! I think I am seeing it, too.

eileen said...

I must have had the same driver today; she was really nice!