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Friday, November 14, 2008

Seeing & Hearing Firsthand Where Our Money Goes

Last night Nick and I attended an event that the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary holds annually to thank their donors. In addition to the event's great location (the Intercontinental) and tasty food & drinks, the best part of the evening was learning more about how MEEI's donations are being put to use. We saw a presentation that included two patients sharing their stories. One woman spoke about how her unborn baby had a ping-pong ball sized mass in the throat & neck area. Her doctor at UMass recommended her to a specialist at Mass Eye & Ear that saved her daughter's life. Doctors performed surgery on the baby both before and after she was born, and with the help of a trach (which may be able to be removed soon), the baby is thriving! We also heard from a woman who is receiving injections in her eye to prevent blindness, as well as a woman who was able to resume her professional singing career after having a potentially career ending surgery.

All of these success stories were made possible in part by generous donations to Mass Eye and Ear, and they were great motivation for me to increase my fundraising efforts for 2009! As Bostonians, we're so fortunate to have a world class medical facility like MEEI; please consider making a donation to my Boston Marathon Fundraising Team (Team Eye & Ear) by clicking on the widget to the right, or by clicking here.
To learn more about how your donation can make a difference, please visit this site.

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