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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Holiday Spirit Touches Some, and Misses Others

I just hopped on the T at State (hey, it's raining) to go to the Macy's downtown. I wanted to take advantage of the sales to buy a bigger ticket item. Anyway, when I got off at Downtown Crossing, the street level exits were lined with pedestrians shielding themselves from the rain. Squeezing past a teenaged girl, my bag accidentally brushed against her shoulder. "Excuse me," I said and continued to walk by.
"Don't excuse me, you b*tch," she yelled. "F*ck you!" Her sentiments were punctuated with an equally eloquent gesture.
Tis the season!
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Anonymous said...

Some people aren't in the Holiday spirit this year. I count my blessings that my family and I are happy, healthy and financially secure.

Anonymous said...

Being on the big side and not terribly concerned about pushy little brats like this, I have been known to turn around, give them the best Dirty Harry look I can muster, crack a little smile and ask "would you like to say that to my face rather than my back?".

One time, the girl's buddies grabbed her, yelled "she's sorry" and hauled her off. They weren't used to a white, middle aged suburbanite doing other than running in fear. I think they thought I had a gun and was looking for a reason to use it.

Anonymous said...

Good for the troublemaker's friends for hauling her out of there before she could possibly inflict, or try to inflict even more damage. One of these days, there won't be anybody to hold her.