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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer's Still Here, "Weather" You Like it or Not

There's a day every year, usually in March, where the temperature briefly hits 70 degrees or so and people are led to believe that spring weather has arrived. Even if blocks of snow are frozen to the ground and Opening Day is still a week away, tags are ripped off new summer wardrobe items and pasty legs, arms and shoulders are put on display. My husband and his buddies claim to love this day, since tank tops and sundresses leave a lot less to the imagination than sweaters and corduroys. There's a corresponding day in the late summer too, say August 27th, when we begin lusting for football, foliage and fall clothing. These seasonal longings coupled with a touch of brisk morning air, have the same effects on people's common sense as does the 70 degree day in March. This morning, there was a woman at my bus stop wearing a black peacoat and a fuzzy pink scarf. I felt for her, as I've jumped the weather gun too, and watched as she sighed with relief as we boarded the air-conditioned bus.

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