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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Son of a Beach

Leah, Lauren and I had a fun time in Newport this weekend. I've known them for almost 18 years and they've known each other even longer than that! It's so nice to have life-long friends that share a lot of memories and inside jokes. Despite the rainy forecasts, it was sunny and warm both days. We arrived on Friday afternoon and on a friend's recommendation we ate an excellent dinner at Sardella's and had drinks at Fluke. On Saturday, we spent the day at Sachuset (2nd) Beach. The water was actually pretty warm; however, there was a lot of seaweed in the ocean which colored the ocean waves reddish brown. That night, we had drinks at Tucker's (check out the photos on their website- cool artsy decor) and ate some of our ocean friends at Newport Tokyo House. On Sunday, we decided to skip the beach in favor of the Cliff Walk. This is a beautiful, relaxing walk that offers great views of both the ocean and Newport's mansions. Non-resident parking in Newport is scare, but we were luckily able to find either metered, street or lot parking without much trouble. Since our hotel was in Middletown and not in Newport, we didn't take advantage of the public transportation. There's a seasonal trolley that provides transportation to the beaches and points of interest, so it might be worth paying extra to stay directly in Newport for the trolley's convenience.

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