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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Opening Day in Photos

Yawkey Way pregame crowd

Welcome to Opening Day!

Relaxing before the game started & it was still sort of a pleasant temperature

As we got closer to 4:05, the winds picked up and we added more layers...

Layers + beer = warming strategy

The guy next to us started doing jumping jacks... then he asked us for our leftover pizza
A friend of ours couldn't make the game, so we were the lucky ticket recipients! These seats on the Bud Deck were awesome; you get a $50 food credit with them, so we splurged on an entire pizza. When the pizza arrived, Nick used the heat emanating from the hot pie to warm his hands for a bit before chowing down. The fact that the Sox won, we got to see Beckett pitch, Pedroia and Tek hit homeruns and Papelbon save combined with being at Fenway on Opening Day was very cool. The only downside was the weather, which was also very cool; however, that's a small price to pay for such an awesome experience. Go Sox!


Swift said...

Wow, $50 covered the entire pizza?

Suldog said...

Very cool. I've been to Opening Day twice in my 52 years, as I recall. A genuine thrill.