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Monday, September 15, 2008

My Mom's 10,000 Step Plan; Plus a Fun Fact!

My parents came up to Boston for their 34th wedding anniversary this weekend. Happy Anniversary!
Mom & Dad at Mike's Pastry on Saturday night.

On Sunday we had tickets to the Sox, so I met them at their hotel before we headed over to Fenway. I asked them if they wanted to cab it over or take the T; however, my mom wanted to know how long it would take to walk. She had her pedometer in her pocket and was trying to reach her goal of walking 10,000 steps in one day; she was already up to 3300. We took a fairly direct route from the hotel, up High Street, through the Commons and Gardens and then down Comm Ave to Kenmore Square. When we arrived to our gate, my mom checked her pedometer and it read 9992.
So, I can now present this fun fact of the day: From the Boston Harbor Hotel to Gate D at Fenway park it's approximately 6492 steps.

Looking fresh and invigorated after 7000 steps and some Fenway Franks

By the time we walked back to the hotel, my mom was almost 19,000 steps into her day and could have probably knocked off another 10K had my dad and I been up for another stroll around the city. Instead, I went home, sat on the couch and got to watch the 4th quarter of the Patriots game. Yesterday was a monumental day; the Sox, Pats, and Bills all won... and we walked our daily recommended amount of steps.

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Dad said...

Mom asked me to read the total steps at the end of the day because she didn't have her reading glasses on. What she thought she was reading was 19,000 plus steps it was really 14,000 plus steps when viewed though 1.75 power reading glasses. Certainly an admirable achievement but she was a little deflated upon learning the correct amount.