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Monday, September 8, 2008

A (Business) Casual Plea to Area Employers

Some time ago, I read an article that pointed to a study that found women's hemlines got longer or shorter depending on how well the economy was faring. In times of plenty, mini skirts are in; and in times of "scrimping and pinching to make ends meet" (shout out to Ramona Quimby) longer skirts are in fashion. Now, I just read that Putnam Investments has reverted back to a business formal dress code. The few times I've had to slog to work in a suit on the T have been terrible. Usually, I'm so wrinkled and sweaty by the end of the trip, that it looks like I've just completed a 5k. Also, suit pants and jackets are just so restrictive; I can buy suit pants 2 sizes too big and they'll still bunch and pull when I sit down. Nothing puts me in a worse mood than a waist line digging into my stomach while I'm sitting at my desk. Please please let this be just an unfortunate situation for Putnam and not for other Boston area financial institutions.

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